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Old 04-07-2013, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Gasuraki View Post
So finally had a battle where the game did not crash and got destroyed cause of what i can only figure is some sort of glitch. I was sitting in my city with all my archers on my walls and then the enemy army which was made up of only Calvary charged right into the center of my city then started attacking my workers. Half of his men made it through the other half did not but the fact was that was more then enough to kill off all the guys in my city. Just a heads up they the gates need to be looked into because if someone can just glitch through them it kinda serves no purpose even having them. I also think the guy knew what he was doing because he charged then pulled back, then charged again and on the third charge he went through the gate. I dont care that I have a loss or that i lost units i just want to get this looked into and fixed.
I had something similar happening in a quest related siege. The enemy were able to climb one of the walls even after their treants were dead.