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Old 04-07-2013, 11:01 AM
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Hay bro thanks for the post its most kind, you are more than welcome to come on our teamspeak and play along side us. We have around 40+ players now so if your intrested then join

Originally Posted by Zyfer View Post
-was supposed to have parallax quoted-

When i saw this i was wondering how people could get themself into taking the codes and not saying anything, that is a pretty sad personality to have in my opinion and its lame and i wonder if they feel shame, i hope they do.

Its sad we have these kind of people in the community/game already, when we have people who are willing to trust and give codes to help others but its probably the steam release that brought this side of gaming with.

I come from steam aswell but if i had found the game any other way it would have been that way

Note to you brit, dont post codes on forums again wait it out and if people dont reply then tough luck, i dont need a code but if you need an ally i can be that
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