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Originally Posted by lichlord9333 View Post
would like a singleplayer mode of building up ur little estate n all of that like multiplayer mode

I am a builder, not a warrior. The only reason I play that game is the awesome aesthetic beauty of the Elven civilization (especially in the forest).

During the first week after the Steam release, I have started with the Elves 6 times. In the very first game, I was so enchanted by the beauty of Bolfores'l that I purchased $10-worth of crowns with the grateful spirit of thanking the artistic designers of the exquisite Elves. I was attacked 24 hours after having purchased the game on Steam, and the attack got stuck on the loading screen, so I had to restart the program. When I came back in, the attacker had disappeared, I had lost nothing, but there was that stressful counter informing me that I had about 20 minutes left before my protection expired. As a first-time newbie, I was so stressed by the situation, I deleted my very first city in order to start a new one.

I respectfully do not mind if most players indulge into PvP warfighting, especially since the game is explicitly advertised as "Kingdom Wars", with emphasis on siege battles. But I find it too bad when clueless new players are assaulted so soon.

In my third game, I was attacked even earlier than the first time around. My "provocative mistake" was the production of many rangers, emerging from four tree dwellings. The enemy's army looked awesome and I panicked : my city quickly became a massive mess of friendly and enemy units. I won! Not because of any military talent, but because my awesome-looking enemy got caught in the chaotic, congested mess near the flaming town center and its peripheral vine defense, while my numerous archers were automatically raining down arrows into the massive blob, without any direct intervention on my part. I won without doing anything else than watching in fear and hiring more rangers in the four tree dwellings. Despite the fact that I had "won", I left the game in disgust, harassed by that counter which gave me only 20 minutes before becoming vulnerable again : not a lot of time to recuperate after a massive assault and a paralyzed economy.

Playing the Elves is such a beautiful aesthetic experience, for a civ builder : it is too bad that the designers' artistic vision is somewhat tarnished by the mess and stress of premature PvP (especially for clueless new players).

I totally agree with the above-quoted poster. As it is now, there is no single-player option allowing to enjoy building and managing a civ. If I want to experience the beauty of an Elven region, I have to expose myself to being attacked during the first 24 hours, and maybe being attacked again and again when the very short 30-minute protection counters run out. [Update : version 1.4.9 has extended the protection period to 60 minutes.]

As a young woman and as a civ builder, I lack warfighting machismo and tactical skill. I end my long post by suggesting to the developers that they try to attract female gamers by toning down the stressful PvP and by offering avatars and main heroes more suitable for female players.

P.S. A few hours after originally composing this post, I found out that the very recent 1.4.9 patch has somewhat helped to "tone down" PvP :

- PvP attack protection is now 60 minutes instead of 30 minutes
- Made PvP only match armies within 10% of strength value, used to be 30% before

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