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Old 07-08-2008, 10:09 PM
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First off welcome to the forums.

Second I believe the developers are attempting to make the best RTS that appeals to the most people. Given that everyones preferences vary from heavy micro to focused on macro control, a balance must be found. As for asking for the nuts and bolts of the game so you chew on the details be-wear what you ask for. One developer could have more experience playing micro games and give X example, limited to there standards. Then a different developer could have little micro experience and give Y example, one that micro is too much. The developers own experience and there examples could cause you to not get the full picture. Another possibility could be that they are still working on the nuts and bolts as we have heard that the company is working on the rendering of the game models.

So in conclusion please be patient as the game is under development and step away from the instant gratification current society is shoving down peoples throats.
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