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Old 04-06-2013, 01:09 PM
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Default First Impressions & Requests

Hey there, Devs!

This here is the updated list of fixes, plus my personal opinions on the current DoF product. I've been playing it for a few days and a couple of hours now, as well as with a friend.

Please keep in mind that I fully understand that this game is worked on by a small dev team, and thus we can't expect a masterpiece straight off the shelf, but with a little hope, you'll take my suggestions onboard and we can see them in the future.

First off on this list is gameplay tweaks and fixes.

View Controls
  • First-person viewpoint for Heroes.
  • Building Interiors
  • Camera Tooltips

Hero Customization
  • Appearance
  • Name
  • Biography
  • Voice
  • Weaponry

Click-and-drag Formations
Animations are a key component in a game like this, especially if you can zoom into a closer view with your units. They, most importantly, let us know that our units are alive. Besides that, they give them character and are pleasing to watch.

  • Units avoid each-other
  • Array of animations per-task
  • Animation pathing (no clockwork 'snap to')
  • Hero-proximity animations (salute)
  • Arrows persist in-world

I completely understand the need for units to have limited quality on an RTS; in Battle for Middle-earth, and it's successor, even high-end PC's would begin to lose FPS when too many units were present. That said, the Medieval series has managed to include both high-resolution terrain/objects, as well as units, in a lag-free environment.
  • Updated textures per-unit
  • Low, Medium, High resolution textures
  • 3D portrait revamp

The vanilla sounds that came with DoF have amazed me to no end; there are some slight 'imperfections', but I can't really pick away at them without giving insult to the fine folks that made the game.
  • Menu sounds
  • Per-squad voices
  • Tooltip vocalization
  • Quest vocalization
  • Footsteps/marching
  • Additional sound options

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