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Originally Posted by sxsilver View Post

So I've been playing for about a week. I followed the newbie guide. Make lots of Deer, 10 unicorns, a few forest spirits. All fine and dandy. I must have made 3-4 forest spirits and I'm getting wood in 4 times faster then anything else. I'm maxed out on Deer with a pop cap of 82 and at first I had +100 and it was coming in very nicely but the next day it dropped to +11 and I'm making almost nothing.

I understand that the display numbers are not accurate but when I log off at night and log in the next morning I have 1000 food and 6000 wood. Are deer only good for a certain period of time? Should I pump out workers to gather it instead? The newbie guide basically said workers are for stone and everything else you should get a nice income from units (deer, unicorns, forest spirits for elves).

Any Help is appreciated. Thanks.
The display of resource income is a known bug at this time. The devs are working on it along with several other high priority bugs. Even with a good number of deer and 10 forest spirits, you should not be making 100 food or wood. It should be closer to the number 10. The best advice I can give you is trading back and forth between NPC towns. Focus all your efforts on gold. This way you can buy any resources that you may be lacking, such as possibly stone. Also, Deer do not count towards your unit count. Deer are nontargetable, noncontrollable units. So they really become part of the town as opposed to part of your army. I'm not sure if I've answered your question or not. If not, please message back and I'll be happy to help you in any way I can. Elves are my main city. Happy Hunting and Welcome to Dawn of Fantasy.