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Old 04-06-2013, 02:07 AM
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Default Army Formations

Well we got Squad Formations.
Thats fine in itself.
But something that Lacks currently are Army Formations.

After all the best Protective Circle is meaningless if its not actually encircling something to Protect it.

I think there should be some Formations be kept up in Armys working by an simple priority System.
If possible if some options of course.

For Instance.

We currently have

Light Infantry
Heavy Infantry
Ranged Cavalry
Ranged Infantry
Siege Weapons

Now it would be too much if you allowed an Selection for all Units.

But the Three Major Parts

Melee Infantry
and Ranged Units

Should be possible to be aligned.

Its fine if this is done by a few options

For example 4 Options

1. (Line Formation with Flanks)
Melee Infantry Front
Cavalry Flanks
Ranged Units behind the Melee Infantry

2. (Circle Formation)
Melee Infantry outer Circle
Cavalry Inner Circle
Ranged Units on Center

3. (Assault Formation)
Cavalry on First Line
Melee Infantry on Second Line
Ranged Infantry on Third Line

4. (Arrow Formation)
Melee Infantry forming the Head of the Arrow
Ranged Unit forming the Shaft
Cavalry placed on the feathers to be moved into either Flank in emergency

also one additional Option could be the Hero Position
For example

1. Hero in the Center of the Army
2. Hero in Front of the Army
3. Hero in the Rear of the Army

Think that would make it far easyer to Command Squads which have more than one Unit Type.

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