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Old 04-05-2013, 07:16 PM
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i suggest player to upgrade theyr economy first, gold means train higher your troops, higher troops means make very fast quest and siege, that give you crowns.

this game is primarly an economy rts + mmo, you need first a solid economy, so higher income and upgrades are a priority, dont rush units or walls , the income will make you build units that will start from lev 5 instead 1,

1 get dwarf miners
2 upgrade all resource income options
3 upgrade your stockpile options
4 upgrade your unit production buildings to lev 5
5 get units lev 5 and train them at list to lev 10 first upgrade all resistance than hp regen than hp,
6) quest and get crowns,
7) once you have at list 20 units lev 10+ make your city walls, and upgrade the defences, so when you will start to being attacked by other players you will be rdy

if you do that way after 2-3 day of play you able to get 30-40 crowns in 1h of questing (i do only pvp right now with my lev 20 units and can raise even 100 crown in 1h )