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Originally Posted by Bastiaan View Post
i dont get this thread,
Total war is totally different from this
I believe the camparison come mainly that the main way people inform others is by compairing similar experiances. After all what MMO that has come out after World of Warcraft has not been compaired to WOW. WOW is an industry leader heck Dungeons and Dragons is compaired to WOW. Fantasy Jonra is mostly based off the Lord of the Rings, that lead to fantasy table top games, those evolved into tabletop RPG's, then the games became digitized leading to World of Warcraft and everything then being compaired to it.

Total War series and Dawn of Fantasy are the closest games in RTS that are known by members of these forums, this leads to the comparisons.

Personaly i believe and hope i am correct in believeing that most game developers do not wat to kill another companies game. I believe that most companies understand that competition is good for the industry, promoting companies to better there games and moveing the industry away from stagnation. Well something for everyone who reads this to chew on.