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Old 04-05-2013, 06:05 AM
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Steam has definitely brought us a lot of players, there's no denying that. We've gone from 10 to 30 players online to about 300 to 800 online with thousands of new players registering.

As a thank you to those who supported us in greenlight and bought early on Steam, we launched with a 25% off sale.

However, we won't see any of the money from Steam until the end of May/start of June. The only money we'll get for the next two months is from those who buy directly from us, so to encourage that without taking too many sales from Steam (who deserve their cut) we offer bonuses in our store.

Other bonuses, like the friend referral bonus, apply whether you by from us, Steam or any other retailer.

We may also offer other bonuses and rewards in the future. We will no doubt be involved in some of the Sales on Steam as well.