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Old 04-05-2013, 04:11 AM
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There is more to the game than just crowns. It won't take you long to catch up to your friend and they can help you out by sending you resources.

The referral reward/bonus codes are only for the person who invites a friend, not for the friend invited. They would have to invite someone else or buy their copy of the game through our store to get any bonuses.

Originally Posted by Friend invite email
If you do decide to try Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars and purchase the game directly from the developer's store you will receive a Steam ready copy of the game with an additional $20 worth of bonus content, including a ferocious Haunter Dragon and elite Dwarven units.

Don't forget about {realname}, be sure to enter their in-game username - {username} - into the referral field when you create your account and they will receive a bonus code for in-game content.
If you feel you have a case for a refund or bonus codes, email with the details and they can get this sorted out for you. The person who handles bonus keys is generally generous, so you'll probably get something.

If you did not purchase directly from us, you will have to take your refund request to the retailer you purchased from.

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