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Old 07-05-2008, 07:49 AM
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So far I've seen these languages mentioned: French, German, in Spanish, in Russian. It's possible DoF will be released in a few other languages too though I doubt Polish will be among them but who knows...
How many lines of text are there to be translated for the game? I mean ... are there any numbers You can tell? And of course what is the games original language?

I'm completly fine with english, but since there is a general lack of RTS games in the whole world (strange that shooters became the main game type made) it would be nice to have more players. My point is that i'm a RTS fan, and i would really enjoy playing also with poles online, but many ppl don't speak any foreign language, or just are being so lazy, that they choose translated game just because the language. Anyway i wish i had the power to lobby for a translation :P

I'm not sure about all aspects of your 1st question but I'm 99.999999 ad infinitum % sure a player won't be able to barge in on other players' battles.
Basicaly that's what i've meant ... so it won't be possible in a battle that another army will suddenly appear in the middle of nowhere to change wictory into a defeat ?