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Old 04-04-2013, 05:11 PM
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Originally Posted by shello247 View Post
I know that it is'nt punishment per say...but youknow that feeling when you spend money on something at one store.....then walk a little down the road and see the exact same thing for a better value, and think to yourself...holy ****!!! If only i had known.

Automatically you feel a bit of resentment for the first store...and a bit of regret. That's what he's speaking about. Not punishment per say. But we get the jist.

And this is sooo easy to, Reverie, we don't know you. But if you are trying to build a community, treat us fairly.

It is in the small actions which define character.
I understand what he wants to say, but saying this is a punishment is way out of line.

And guys from Reverie are so far best and most involved DEVs i have seen so far.