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Old 04-03-2013, 04:10 PM
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Default List of functions (for DoF, not Lua.)

Hey crew of DoF - I'm gonna start playing with the editor soon was looking to see if I could have a location for a complete list of functions you've guys generated not a generic Lua functions list - I've seen several for the game, that is from the tutorials, such as your move to and so forth but I'm just looking for a complete deal - I've been snooping around the game more and more trying to find a more detailed list of functions that you've guys pre-made to see if I could come up with something interesting (only looked for a few minutes so far I won't lie) - I'm sort of a heavy scripter and the Lua lang doesn't seem all to hard even if it does seem to handle things oddly here and there.

In my free time I'm going to be attacking a few Lua refs to see what all it has to offer, honestly I never heard of this guy till I played this game. Is the game in its entirety written in Lua? From my snoop it seems so.

I've also noticed that you've guys had a few 360 configs setup, is that just for the players interested in using controllers or are you guys going to be doing a port? I'm sure I'll have more questions... sorry to keep buggin'.
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