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Originally Posted by r4mmr0d View Post
Hey guys, I'm a human plains-region player. I've been having a LOT of trouble in pvp vs the standard 'lvl 5+ elven archer-only army' that just remains stationary in a corner.

I'm using fully upgraded lvl 5 mounted knights, some in loose some in diamond, with 35-45% piercing resist and around 844 hp. I will hit the elf-ball from 3 sides, and the archers in the middle melt the knights while the ones in melee hold the line.

I've had three battles like this. I only won one after my opponent foolishly moved forward and i charged before he could stop his archers. They then got the 'no firing' archery bug and my guys tore through them.

If mounted knights are supposed to be the supreme anti-archer unit for Humans, and I've upgraded them to be tanky and specifically resistant to archers, it makes very little sense that an equal number of similar level archers would beat them in melee.

5 points in resist pierce + loose formation=80% resist arrows. Thats like multiplying your health by 5. Do it, love it, kill archers with a smile. Also, using the heal button right as you get into range helps. But equal armies MK vs Ranger, if MK's have max resist peirce and are in loose, they will massacre the rangers.