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Originally Posted by Calamancini View Post
Me population is 90/27
Zugzug say ok me no have enough hut for all me ork. So me want take them out and smash some things,,,,,, when me goto world map me cant make army. Stupid voice say me need more huts and cant make army to smash !
This not happen yesterday. Why Zugzug cannot make army now. Very mad.

Ok so Zug tell stupid orks build more huts hurry up. But Stupid orkcs will be busy for days before i have enough hut.
It not make sense if too many orcs in town then game should let Zug zug bring them out and move them away even if not enough hut.
Zug zug ready to tear down the walls of my house and smash cmoputer through window.

If me spend next week making stupid huts what happen? What happen if it not let me make army after that? Zugzug will have to take bloodprice from neighbours all down the whole street...
This is a problem the orkses seem to be having the last day or so, where mommy orks and daddy orks wont stop making all the baby orks! As a humie, I quite enjoy having all the extra ugly green things to shoot with arrows, but for the orkses it can be a problem. The easy fix for now until the path comes and fixes it(if it hasnt already, these guys are QUICK) is to select the discard button below the make army button, and throw away all the unwanted extra orks(which should be all of them if you ask me . Then once you are underpop you can make your WAAAAAGH! and head out to get trampled by lots of squishy humies covered in not so squishy armor. =)

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