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Old 04-03-2013, 11:46 AM
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Thumbs down brain dead AI

Hey everybody, I have noticed since some of my first quests how stupid the units you have under you are. It isn't the enemy units I am talking about, but your own, if I let's say 4 unit's to attack a units as soon as the guy I right clicked on is dead the ones who isn't getting hit on will just stand there completely brain dead it doesn't even matter if press "attack move" they won't attack anybody on the way over there or choose out new targets even though they are fighting right besides them, even the archers won't attack anything until I select them and press attack, but then they will kill that one guy I clicked on and then stop firing after he is killed.

This has ruined a lot of good moments for big battle, when I constantly has to select new enemies and I can't use my big army for anything else than, selecting everybody on constantly select target after target which ruins the wholes strategy part of the game since I just mob in my units.

I hope you will make the AI a bit smatter so they will attack enemies around them or at least right besides them.

PS: aggressive stance doesn't work, my units or constantly on it.