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Old 04-03-2013, 10:36 AM
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Default Is the multiplayer aspect as limited as it seems?

A few friends and I picked this game up recently on Steam, hoping to be able to play in 2v2vs, 3v3s, take territory/cities, etc. Unfortunately, it seems that everyone is instanced into their own single player map with AI (which I suppose makes sense), but limited to 1v1 PvP matches or 2v1 co-op matches vs the AI.

Given this is advertised as an MMO, it seems a bit odd that the multiplayer elements are so limited and arbitrary at this point in time. Am I missing something, or can my friends and I really do nothing other than a 2v1 co-op match vs an AI player? Are there plans to expand this at all - because the game seems very good otherwise.