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Old 04-02-2013, 07:06 PM
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There is alot actually but here are the biggest things I see. Cooldowns aren't easy to see, there should be a number countdown when you click something.
There are no hotkeys for the abilities and units.
There is no easy way to see how to make a unit run faster.
The textures for the UI are blocky and not crisp.
Elves pray for the dead but it is called looting, should be named properly.
Some of the tooltips, for instance looting are incomplete and don;t tell what they do.
There is no AoE indicator, something say 600 range, how far is that? I guess you could say 100000 range with no reference no point.
Why have that ugly 3d model texture above every unit you click on, no no reason at all. Maybe some nice 2D art perhaps, even when its covered up by the chat window, which you should be able to move easily.
Skill points notification is not easy to see. Almost white, should be GOLD and sparkles because nothing says use this **** like gold and sparkles.
Should be able to name our squads. If i want to call my orc swordman the GoatChokers then I should be able to.
Oh sweet i leveled up my hut, how do i find out how the hell what level my other huts are out of my million of other huts. Oh wait I can't.

No smart casting, spells don;t really give a good visual representation, click on OGre, oh its enraged!!!
How do i know it is enraged, any visual ques?
Nah man, MAGIC and stuff.

On a side note, your textures need a hires pack. I know old game, but there should be an option for some sweet high rez textures.

And those are just off the top of my head.

Good game though but some ideas.

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