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Old 04-01-2013, 07:36 PM
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Angry PVP Defeat?


I was attacked by another player. i accepted the battle. i have two sets of walls protecting my keep. i had archers on all my outer walls and i was holding him back anytime he would get close my archers would kill his. I kept healing my troops with my hero. during the first 20 mins he broke my outer wall twice and each time he stormed my troops would slaughter his and he would retreat. i only lost two catapult squads from his 3 tree arrow ballistic guys which was the thing that was destroying my walls. and the last time he attached he lost a lot of his troops so i sent all my troops out to destroy his and there was 4 mins left and i was killing off all his archers and wasn't losing any troops then it said Defeat and all the troops stopped. How on earth did i lose when i was clearly winning i started with 60/61 units and at the end i had 57/61 and he only breached my outer wall but i killed all his troops that entered and repaired my wall. and to get defeat a admin said you need to be down to 10% troops or they get to my keep which neither happend. anyone know how i lost?