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Old 03-31-2013, 07:32 PM
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Default Human quest (Into the swamps) mission stuck

Hey guys - there seems to be a issue with this mission. I've entered the battle map, got to the old wizard, he disappeared, I was attacked by a small group on my way out, after talking to Miron (I think thats the NPCs name thats assisting me in battle) it just stays in the battle, forever. He states to prepare for a battle once you make it to him, but nothing happens.

I've attempted to clear the entire map (unable to because of enemies getting stuck into buildings), waiting at what seemed a important place as if I was trying to end a co-op siege, I've even killed Miron out of boredom after waiting around for a bit. I'm maybe either missing something that should be taking place, or the games hanging up on this quest at the point when you have to make contact with Miron after the wizard disappears. I went back to kill ALL green reaction forces that came after him thinking this might be it - it wasn't.

Hung up or being simple minded - either way I can't complete this quest...