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Old 07-01-2008, 06:33 PM
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Default Seems as If I've forgot...

When I joined, I overlooked this section.

Perhaps it not too much of a delay, but a delay nonetheless.

You guys can just ask questions as you see fit.

My name is Andrew, and I am 14. I have been playing MMO Computer Games since I was about 8, and started with the Nintendo 64/Gameboy when I was like 5 or 6. I have Closed Alpha and Beta tested about 3 games, two of them RPG, one of them FPS. Never have I tested a RTS game in a closed Alpha/Beta - which is another selling point that broguht me to this forum. (From what I have gathered, only forum members during the Beta Release will be able to play, hence the term 'Closed Beta'). I am currently occupying my time with Counter Strike: Source, and playing Soccer; along with the other daily to do's and fun recreational activites, plus hanging out with friends (which is rather hard seeing as I am in a totally different state than them at the moment!). I play soccer on at least a daily basis, and am a fan of the German National Team and the German Club Team; Bayern Munich. I have played soccer since I was 4, and my position is Center Foward.

I believe that should give you a good look on who I am.

Now the questions(if any)/welcomes :-)
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