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Originally Posted by Brian Shingles View Post
Welcome to Dawn of Fantasy, Elderotter.

Our feedback is appreciated. Let us know if there is anything we can help you with or if there is anything in particular you feel would help with the learning curve.

We take all our players suggestions seriously and try to work in what things we can.
I think my first suggestion is to do a walk through for each race - starting with selection of area, then selection of the traits - to give the new player an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of each area and each trait. perhaps an understanding of what type of gameplay each implies. I did see the start of a guide in the forums addressing that, however not all new players read the forums first. I have started the orcs twice now - having learned different things both times and will probably start them at least once more. I have also started the Elves and learned different lessons from them. I prefer the orcs, but cane see already that what applies to the orcs can apply or not apply to the elves depending on each person's preferred playstyle. I think that a better understanding of the basics - given in the tutorial could help the newer player see what area/race/traits would be advantageous to them. Hope that helped. As I said - I like this game alot, and am still learning it.. takes me awhile to see what works best strategy wise for me.