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Old 03-20-2013, 03:47 PM
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Default Army warden gold glitch?

My friend Ryuuoath discovered this and can probably tell a bit more.
When female wardens are in your army camps, they can glitch out on gold.
Putting 6 on gold gathering and then immediately removing them locks the gold increase in place without them actually being tasked to it. Still tinkering with it to try to hunt down more details and possibly find a cap on how many wardens this works with. If you put them on it, then close out the menu, then go back and remove them, some wonky numbers show up but it negatives itself out.

Also, are female warfens mining gold while an army is on the move or is this a bug? I have an army not in a camp that is doing this. Not sure if bug or not.

Sorry for terrible spelling and grammar but i am at work with my cell phone.

More details coming as soon as possible.