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Old 03-20-2013, 03:09 PM
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Default co-op bugs

ok so was in coop today and a couple of major cliches.
1st archers would not fire i was playing elf and tried volley and fire but they would not shoot.
2nd on my screen it showed my partners dragon dead but on his it was alive and fighting also happened with a trebucher as well.
3rd after finally getting in to the keep i lined the walls with 3 units a crossbow i had and they were ok just the elves were not firing, i shot at enemy crossbowmen to no effect i shot for 5 min and not one was damaged. yet they were killing mine. i was on the wall and was higher then them yet they could kill me but not me kill them. normal troops could kill them tho.
i will attach a log when i log out.

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