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Old 03-15-2013, 07:58 AM
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It's fine to ask here, wargar. You can also email if you don't want to post in the forums.

Progress not saving seems to affect a few players but not all, which has made it hard for us to fix.

Being unable to redeem the codes suggests there was some sort of connection loss with the server, which would explain progress not saving.

If you're willing, you could help us narrow this down. Can you play for a little while, maybe do a quest or View your army in a region and then exit the game. Save a copy of your log1.txt file from your Dawn of Fantasy install folder (either rename the file or copy it somewhere else) and then play the the game again. If you've lost progress, exit the game and then post your old and new logs here.

Having logs before and after progress loss will help us narrow things down, especially since we can't duplicate this ourselves.

And if you manage to redeem your codes, but lose the units due to progress loss, don't worry, we'll replace them.