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Old 03-08-2013, 02:48 PM
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Default Thank you and Panik!

Thank you for compensation.
I logged out by exit game.
I shut down computer approx 5 min after ending game. Internet connection should be stable where I played yesterday and today.
Time since creating army and exiting approx. 2 minutes.

Hope this info helps.

I face at the moment an even bigger glitch. First time I started after update 1.4.3 I experienced Multiplication of units in my hometown after approx 2 minutes of play. The screen went black except the town names and other text boxes. Then all my units in hometown where multipied by 2. I tried to resolve with discarding of units but before I could discard it added another set of units (same no of units as initially in hometown). I was in the middle of discarding screen when second incident happend and game did not respond anymore. I left with Alt+F4.

Started game again. Same glich happened before I was able to empty my hometown. I left before it happened again by exit game.

Started again and noticed that the units I removed from hometown after 2nd start of game disappeared. Glitch happend, PaniK! Happend again! Alt+F4!

It appeares to me that I am not able to play with my human town anymore. I hope you can have a look at this.

account name: wasserali
Town name: Hightower, human town in Southmont, slot 3
Log.txt is attached

Original town Army:
Royal Dragon lev 60 (the one I have since october 2011 and you brought back 3 times until now!)
Haunter Dragon lev 25
Ice Dragon lev 14
2 High knights lev 32
3 Protectors lev 22
1 Dragon slayer lev 24
12 squads knights lev 20
20 squads Dwarven riflemen lev 8
1 chart
4 or 6 dwarven miners

I dont know what is left now in my hometown. Some units have been missed others have multiplied. It happens faster than I can rectify and most propably continues till the world is flooded with my armies.

I hope you can fix my town for me. It would be devestating to loose it.

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