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Old 03-08-2013, 02:28 PM
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good patch

but there is an issue regards the formula with new hp and regen

yesterday a foot knights troops got 3800 hp (lev 20 maxed out)
now it have 1550 (lev 20 maxed out)
the new hp formula erased down by 60% all units hp. (hp buffer) making it more vulnerable to heroes, dragons and fireballs (or any high dmg ) even with dragons at -50% dmg since units now have -60% hp and dragons have -50% dmg, now dragons are boosted by 10% techically speaking..

This regen also not work when units stand still, i already tested out, it work only under combat, and is too high for normal units. units also keep spawning replacement from nothing like crazy.

If the formula now give % based on units basic stats, than units basic stats must be upgraded by a lot for even return at old hp, or have an augment
same for dmg, yesterday same troops where doing 450 dmg, now they do 261, the formula nerfed the dmg of units by a good 40-50%

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