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Originally Posted by wasserali View Post
I am ok with rebalancing dragons to a reasonable strength. However, please do not reduce the dragons to chicken size as they were at the very beginning after release end of September 2011.
A Dragon should be a ruling force on the battlefield but not averrule 20 units whatever tactics are applied.

Limitations to one dragon per army or one dragon per kind of dragon (this might be already to much since there are 5 kind of dragons in game) is ok.

To my fellow players: It might take several tries by devs until an agreeable strength for dragon is found. Be patient.

I agree of course we will see how this work now with 50% less hp and dmg, but many months ago dragons where reasonable. 1500 dmg and 30k life. they got boosted of about 1000% 15k dmg 90k+ life (so +1000% dmg + 300% hp)
we need to find the settings where 10-12 troops can equal a dragon in term of strenght, than players will decide what unit fits more theyr style. micromanage a dragon or use 10 mounted knights for example.

Right now is not a choice. a dragon lev 60 will steamroll 10 knights lev 20. hands down. maybe losing 5-10k hp (1/10 of his total )
a things i suggested is that units instead DIE in pvp, they will lose 1 level. and the winner get the exp of that level to one of his units randomly
example you lose a lev 20 knights worth 600 xp, the winner get 600xp on one of his units.

Regards limit of dragons ice/hunter/royal count as same "kind" so max 1 for army the proposition i made is

royal-ice-hunter value 10 points
red value 6 points
green 3

so you can chose 1 ice or royal
or 1 red+1 green
or 3 green.

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