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Regards Balance, my main army have str of almost 2500 mainly composed by lev 20 troops and 2royal dragons , but i have also army of str 1000 600 etc.

At lev 20 my normal troops maybe 12-15x can hold a dragon of medium lev 30-40 but at low levels read troops lev 5/12, i noticed that even a dragon lev 7 can kill 20 troops, becouse the fire dmg is the same from lev 1 to 60, it seams to not scale with levels.

fireball one shoot at lev 1 as at lev 60. (archers for example) so for army composed mainly by lev 5-12 troops. of strenght lets say 500?600? a single royal dragon even lev 25. is completely Op, becouse at that level the normal troops/heroes not have enought stats for fight a dragon And since dragon is faster and have a lot of range there i no way to play "smart" and try to avoid his fireballs.

Anybody who played a mmorp know that who have more speed and range dictate the term of the engagement, is called Kiting. (The act of kiting, is a combat tactic of a player keeping another player at a certain distance, usually out of melee distance but within ranged attack)

Originally Posted by GPS51 View Post
The more thorough balance posts that are made the more the team can be adjusting the better fixing the balance of the game (IE, I hate this game cuz of xyz unit, is not helpful)
I agree. i not hate dragons i have like 10 of them i am merely talking about mathematics balancement.

At equal cost right now there is no other unit in game (even at lev 20 ) that take 10 slots that can counter a dragon( except for heroes wich are another issue to limit in numbers..) . since dragons not have weakness, is a jolly unit. this is why it need to be limited in number, have 1 jolly unit is OK. have an army composed of jolly unit is another. It ruin any chance to play this game with some tactics.

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