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Old 06-30-2008, 03:29 PM
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Maybe something more of, just putting it in for decoration or something?

I whole heartedly agree with customizing your city, so we all don't look like little medieval clones fighting on a semi-simular battlefield all the way to conformity-land.

At the same time Sauron raises a good (If not in badly garbbled) point. It could become rather overpowered, if structures effect the moral of troops positively and or negitively, if simular status was given to units, or allowed to stack with nearby bonuses from other structures and or units.

If there was some sort of bonus to anything, I would say it would be sensible to make it small, but with a wide AoE, and unstackable.

Banners being the same way.

And, it is a Very good suggestion to make.

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