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Originally Posted by Ducard View Post
Still the biggest problem is lacking of player base. If we get new players ,hopefully trough steam, they will get frustrated very fast because they do not play this game since beta and can build every army composition to counter several dragons.

Winning a pvp battle should always depend on the skill of the player. How he knows the strenght and weaknesses of his units and the units of his opponent and should never depend on how many "big units" he can field or the exact counter unit.

I also would prefer, if the dragons really hve to stay in game, some kind of group quest line where you and two or three more players fight a huge dragon and his army and as a reward you get his new born dragon that you can raise and train. But not due to buying it with wealth
Problem is not dragon as unit, since is an Op unit by definition, high tank high mobility, fire area dmg at short+ fireball at long, melee area dmg, hp regen, the problem is that unit can be replicated you can have 2-3-4-5 at that point that unit become your only strategy, becouse if something go wrong, is much easyer to check and control hp of 6 dragons with 90k hp than 60 troops

Dragons are fine as long they are not OP and not ruin the need of playng with tactic in game, 5months ago dragons where much more balanced theyr dmg was around 1500, and hp around 30k (royal dragon lev 45) now they have a dmg boost of what 1000%? they do 15k dmg. and have 90k life.

game like dawn of fantasy work in a rock paper scissor kind of gameplay,
Cavalry > archers>
Infantry with shield> Archers
Archers > infantry with no shields
Infantry with no shields > cavalry.
plus add of some spice by heroes abilities and yes why not a jolly of a dragon.

Dragons? they ruin all tactics since do all, and have the speed for decide when engage and when retreat, so 1 is fine becouse is counterable, my dragon vs your plus dragonslayer etc. incounterable if not by same army composition, than this game become dawn of dragons.

Rigth now dragons in team of cost/efficiency and weakness are by faaar the most op unit in game,dragons will be fine when 10 normal troops wich is the compared cost, will have the strenght to counter a dragon.

majority of ppl see dawn as stonghold in a fantasy enviroment, wanna play 2h siege with use of siege weapons, and serious tactics of archers troops. a dragon ruin all of this, since spam fireball , go back to heal, spam fireball go back to heal.

Dragons must be an OPTION, a tactic option not a forced necessity, "a must have all around unit ". counterable only by another dragon. We should balance the game so that 10 normal units should be equal in term of power, of course if someone chose 10 archers dragons is the natural counter. but i am talking in a generalistic way. right now for equal a dragon. you need probably 20-25 normal troops of various kind )