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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
Thanks for adding more drama into this guys - but hey you know how our company works - just ask us to change something, put up your case with some stats to back it up - and consider it done.

We are working on a patch due either today or tomorrow - that will have the following changes:

1) Heroes now take 4 population spots - so at most you`ll see 15 heroes in the army, and usually less than that.

2) Hero and Dragon strength value will be on average be 50% higher - so that new players or under 300 strength don`t have to worry about ever getting attacked by high level Dragons or Heroes.

3) We`ve changed skill point upgrades for Heroes and Dragons. The attack and health modified is now 50% less. So this cuts in half the high level damage and hit points of all the high level Dragons in game. Low level stats remain the same.

4) We included a new quests in early game that introduces players to Dragon, and gives them a free Dragon Slayer

5) Regular unit self-healing now restores dead soldiers in a battalion. So self-healing for units and dragons/heroes is now on the same level

6) Are of Effect Damage changes - with damage decreasing with radius increasing. Fhis makes Fire Ball and Fire Wall a bit less effective

i Agree on all points except the 4 slot for hero, there is a problem script wise to limitate the number of heroes becouse they are heroes? instead augment the costs in term of slots? same for dragons?

The problem here is the combinations, if ppl use 4 protector even at 4x4 slots, they have 5x area heal , the heroes itself are never that powerful, theyr abilities stacked with other heroes of same kind are.

what we need is a limit of 5 hero 4+the original one, with 1 slot each, and max 1 for type, 1 protector 1 dragon slayer 1 high knight etc etc.

about dragons we need to limit the numbers also, even at 50% hp and dmg 6 dragon army can nullify 60 normal troops. my dragons lev 60 have 95k hp and 15k area dmg. now they will have 45k hp and 7,5k dmg? change nothing. as long they are able to INSTA kill any normal units they face

7,5k dmg x 6 dragons = 45k area dmg no units in game can tank that and have time to answer (not even heroes they maybe last 2/3 attack s : dragons just need to be near to each other and spam at 360 degree firebreath and area attacks.

Now that you gonna nerf stats wich is good becouse they where tremendously OP, we need to limit the number, becouse the problem is when you reach the point where your attack one shoot kill what you hit , and even at 50% hp/dmg they still have it. consider a lev 20 foot knights with 85% slash resistance and full hp at max have 3700 hp. the 15 man troops MAYBE last 2 hit from a single dragon, 1 from 2 dragon. withouth praticly have the chance to do any dmg, and i not even considered the fire breath. /fire ball. consider also dragons have ability to disengage, they are the most fast unit in game. and can fly. so they dictate the terms of engagement. if a player is lame can hit a big army of 60 troops do a lot of dmg than run for 3-5 mins heal back and do it again. (he can harass/weaken enemy army thx to at list 50 fireballs, and use at his advantage the speed for exploit the 125hp/sec regen )