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Originally Posted by Sunleader View Post
Well its nice of you to work this far in your Communitys Favor ^^
But it also means that I.ll need to make some Drama.
After all we cant have people changing you the game so they like it while having it go away from our own Wishes *gg*
After all just because one Person wants something changed doesnt mean all want it ^^

Dunno what the Great People say but I am really bad at folding when I know that I have the better hand....


If he has an Mixed Army to counter Threats to his Army then he is not doing an Noobish all Dragon Army but is actually using advanced Tactics.

Now if he just needs something to defend his Enchanters this also means you just need something to kill whats protecting his enchanters ^^
To Defend against Cavalry you usually use Pikes.
So you can Add Macemen
Now you might say then he needs some Knights.
And I.ll say then we need some Crossbowmen.
In the End the Armys will be mixed to no end and will have nothing to do with an All Dragon Army anymore but that would also mean that Dragon Armys are not Invincible. ^^

But in the First place your Calculation here is not going up.
You see his Dragons take up incredible much Population Space.
And having only a few Enchanters wont Heal a Dragon enough to prevent him from being Killed by an Massive Force.
So we are already expending lots of Population on Dragons and Enchanters.

If he Fields enough Units to actually Defend Enchanters against an Full Force of for example 16 Mounted Knights matey he will at best have remaining population for 2 Dragons.
So say we really go with 16 Archers 16 Pikes and 16 Mounted Knights
He will be faced with 32 Squads against 2 Dragons and his Enchanters and their Escort will be faced with 16 Knights on Horses.
On top as Dragons add much more STR than normal units your Units will have higher lvl and thus be superior to the Enchanters Defenders
and now even if he Defends his Enchanters he cant heal the Dragons with them meanwhile.
So even if his Forces ultimately win over against the Cavalry his Dragons will be Gone.
However if he trys to let the Dragons escape you can move your Forces onto the Enchanters and finish em.

And actually we have 12 slots free currently while the Enemy is at full Population.
So we could for example take along Dragon Slayers or Additional Forces.
For example Macemen which are very Fast and make short work of whatever Defends the Enchanters

Dont get this wrong matey.
Dragons are Strong if used right.
But if you seriosly believe theyre Invincible than I dont know what you did over those Years in DoF

Dragons are Effective against most Anti NPC Armys because those are usually prepared for frontal Mass Fights.
Which is an easy target for Dragons Fireballs.
PvP Armys which are mostly fast paced will usually not have much Trouble with Dragons.
Simply because theyre in on them fast and wont take much losses against their Fireballs.
Well but actually PvP Armys are mostly small and those wont meet Dragon Armys.
Dragon Armys are usually trying to Fight anti NPC Armys.

For example if you got an Full Knight Army any Melee Infantry Army will be toast before you.
But if you Face an Dragon or Ranged Army your toast.
Macemen Army will make Toast of Ranged Armys but is good as dead when meeting Knights
Cavalry Army will make Toast of Dragons and Ranged Armys but is Toast against Pikes.
Dragons make toast of slow mass armys but are really in trouble when the enemy is fast.
Enchanters are fine when you can hold your line and have em behind it but once the enemy breaks your line your deadmeat.

Learn to Mix up an Army and use the Units effectively.
Then you wont be troubled by Dragons too much.

I for example usually use an Hero Squad Supportet by Archers, Cavalry and Pikes.
The Heros take the Front and the Archers fire from behind.
To make sure Enemy doesnt pull tricks my Cavalry ready to Flank and my Pikes in case the Enemy comes with Ogre Armys or Dragons.

This is an quite nice mix so far. Because it can stand against most of the standart PvP army sets like Macemen Rush, Cavalry Rush, Ogre Mass or Dragon Army.
Of course if faced with an Full scale Army including Infantry and Cavalry on full Power its in real Trouble because I dont have the Forces to keep an closed front against massive Knight and Swordsmen Forces for example-

my my

As for Newbe Protection.
Well actually I think there is an very easy way to make Sure Dragon Only Armys will lose Popularity.
That is to simply allow to Designate one of your Armys as Quest Army.

This One Army (each player can only have ONE) will either not be into PvP at all or will be countet as Half STR Army.
Of course it cant seek PvP itself.

This way Players can use their Siegeweapon Mass Army which is marching and made for Anti NPC Battles for Questing and Sieging and so on.
And dont need to Fear being Faced with an well mixed PvP Army.
Or at least not one which will totally outmatch them because theyre hindered by their Mass Fighting Forces.

Think that should actually solve an Big part of the problem here.
Because the Targets of those Noobhunting Dragon Armys would dissappear and those increase the risk of them running into Armys specially mixed for PvP battles and thus causing them to lose Dragons instead of farming Crowns.

Well it were actually 3 who wanted a change and 2 who like it the way it is. Means a small favour on our side :P and just because you say it should not be changed does not mean it is not necessary.

I think these changes are a start, so lets see how they work.
And I also prefer a developer that reads the forums and actually gives a damn about their customers instead of being stubborn just doing it their way, like you can see in many many other games.

So we have a good trade-off now.