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Old 06-30-2008, 03:21 PM
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Whoa whoa... We can't build our own walls?

Taking away that, takes away from the entire point of city building, that being a point within all RTS games, and that is making something your own. Making a standard template that falls in place with a click of the mouse just seems rather... bland. With every moron who builds a utilitarian nightmare, you still have alot of people who put time and effort into things, designing recreations of edwardian fortifications, motte and Baileys, even pentagonal designs.

While I understand the points of, overpowered and illogical fortifications being built... I'm sure there could be a solution within scripting. And further I Like the idea mentioned about adding in some kind of editor within the game itself, where you design the fortifications with limitations on design, so that you Must stop at a point, to prevent the construction of overpowered tower spamming. I would say that would work quite well. Maybe further have a limit on stone, or have a required time for construction. Because we all know how much time is an issue. So if you build a massive fortification it will take 20 minutes to finish. And by that point your already being bumed by your oponent who has a sleeker design on everything.

The main problem I've always seen is range anyway. You build a seige engine, sit it at the Perfect point so it's In range of the tower, and out of range of anything to stop it, and knock it down at a weak point. Don't make range so specific, don't make accuracy over distance that good... all these things have been done before in other games.

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