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Old 03-07-2013, 10:11 AM
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So it wasnt an Goodbye but an simple Threat followed by an Demand.....

By the way I.ll counter this.
If we can only have one Hero I am pretty much Guaranteed to not Play again.
(I wouldnt mind having only One Dragon per Army tough)

Still the statement that an Army with Dragons and Enchanters is Invincible is bull****.
If your Faced with Dragons and Enchanters you.ll usually need
and lots Cavalry.
(Race doesnt really matter even tough Elven Forces are at advantage here as they can stealth out making it easyer for em to Attack without taking losses to Fireballs)

Some Cavalry going for the Enchanters.
Rest going for the Dragons.

The Cavalry makes really short work of Enchanters and the Dragons cant do **** about it because they would grill the Enchanters if they fired into the place.

Pikes will Force the Dragon into Melee so he cant keep firing Fireballs around.
And together with the Archers they will do good Damage to the Dragon.
Also once the Enchanster have been slaughtered you can Use the Cavalry to make sure the Dragon doesnt keep flying all over Map to escape from your Infantry

As Dragons and Heros add an Incredible amount of STR points to an Army your pretty much Guaranteed to have an quite high Leveld Army as well.

As for Hero only Army I cant tell as I never had or fought one.
Heros also add an absurd amount of STR to an Army.
So Armys full of Heros are really something to behold off as they will nearly always even on lower levels face an really good Army in the Field.....

Greet Sun
ps well I.ll agree that some Balance Adjustments need to be done tough.
If Fireballs wouldnt be Insta Kill anymore that would already be an Tremendous help for example.
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