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Old 03-07-2013, 08:05 AM
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yea Eikon is right i throw dragons at him and he kills them with out a hero he uses pike and sentries. part of the problems from earlier post said 40 kights. Yes the dragon will kill them. Lets not make this a push button game srry you guys are having trouble and yes i know a few ppl run with 5 dragons in an army just to kill weaker players. But we all have the same ability to build such units. If you dont want to lose an army to such a player then simply pay out. It costs way less then losing your army. Or do as i or ziekon have done build dragon killing armies. I hate it when ppl call things over powered cause they lost. About 8 months back a player screamed from high heaven how Heros were op'ed so they got nerfed now that is one of the main players pushing those dragon armies. If you have a player attacking you with something that you cant counter then ask for help or get some players together and hunt him down. Zeikon and others have killed off some major dragons of mine with no heros.
Srry if i offended anyone i love this game and have played through since beginning And i want to see other things like navy or customization not nerfing more units.