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Old 03-07-2013, 04:56 AM
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Default i agree

dragons ruins pvp like 60 hero army. becouse they are unbalanced lets face truth
i have 2 dragons lev 55+ they have 90k life 5k area dmg, regen 125hp/sec one royal dragon it take 10 army slot. but he can kill 40 knights troops and still have 3/4 of hp.

dragons are OP.

Same value for heroes with all resistance 80% 2k dmg, 15-20k life, selfheal+areaheal+areadmg etc etc.
We need to reduce dragons power by at list HALF. and limit numbers for army, like 1 for each type maximum. same for heroes.
we are here for big mediovel-fantasy battle with army of infantry clashing each other not for micro manage 3-6 dragons or 60 heroes.
Normal troops should play majory role in this game. what i wanna see, and i think ppl wanna see is army like :
1 hero
1 dragonslayer
1 dragon
2-3 other hero
45 normal troops. of various kind. archers,dwarfs,knights,cavalry etc etc

i suggest also that normal troops should level up to lev 30, but only in pvp (from lev 20 to 30 ) since with lev 20 only is not possible cap out all theyr abilities.