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Exclamation Patch # 1.4.2 - The Steam Patch!

...we are finally here - our Steam patch 1.4.2 has just been released, adding lots of new features and fixes, and finally making Dawn of Fantasy Steam ready. Everything`s ready to submit the game build to Steam for final review, and we should see Dawn of Fantasy on Steam as soon as this review process is complete. Meanwhile - as we wait to for the Steam crowds to join the game world - we hope you enjoy the new patch, and if you find any issues please let us know on our forums.
Patch # 1.4.2

:::::Major Fixes and Additions:::::
- Brand new art for Human and Orcish winter buildings
- Homelands now remember rally points, closed gates and garrison status
- Greatly improved unit behavior on walls on homeland reload
- Localized Tutorial, new Quests, and rest of the text missing localization
- Fixed major issue with Kingdom Wars game mode not working. This renders all previous saves obsolete
- Fixed Friends Chat issue
- Fixed various issues with wall construction, including Orc wall construction

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
- Fixed Resolution issue preventing some players from starting the game - fix to be added tomorrow
- Fixed foreign characters used in chat crashing the game - fix to be added tomorrow
- Fixed archers not starting new battle with full arrows
- Fixed issue with unit hitpoints going being maximum due to over-healing
- Fixed issue with mounted Orc Slayer and Impaler being able to attack Warg Pen building
- Fixed visual bug with water on lowest visual settings
- Fixed issue with invisible Goblins and Wargs spawning on Orc homelands
- Fixed issue with Orc laborer and marauders not spawnining properly from grand hut - only works for new homelands
- Fixed issue with Orc laborer and marauder on new homelands not showing their buttons
- Fixed singleplayer skirmish - Back to Main Menu button
- Fixed Trebuchet Hold Fire button
- Fixed Send Resources and Buy Crowns windows art issues
- Fixed Market Window and Profile windows overlapping
- Fixed returning players to the worldmap after failed PvP due to players having different game patch versions
- Fixed background combat sounds playing too often
- Fixed high resources values over 100,000 not showing correctly
- Added Hold Fire button to all ranged units
- Added garrison button to Orc Labouer, Male Warden. Removed garrison button from Spike Traps
- Added winter minimap for World Map
- Added torches to the castle in the main menu
- Added auto loot option on leaving scenario quests
- Added ability to change world map army name during army creation and unit transfer
- Added voice, sound and visual notification to Send Resources function, or not having enough to send
- Improved Army vs Town PvP surrender. Now defender who surrenders will remain on his homeland until he decided to leave it.
- Improved World Map visual performance
- Improved War Bell and Peace Bell speed and performance
- Improved water appearance on medium and high settings
- Improved visual performance in Vs AI Town quests
- Improved Sound Volume options - still needs more work
- Improved World Map camera and zoom values
- Improved process of spawning units on homeland, with less chance of a cash
- Region changes: added moving patrols to Bal Ratha and Desolate Hills.
- Region changes: units in Dwarven Cave, Bal Ratha and Desolate Hills are leveled up to level 5
- Region changes: completely redesigned Bal Ratha region
- Region changes: added Treasure Chests loot of Stone to Dwarven Caves, and Gold to Desolate Hills up to 6,000 per raid
- Region changes: Ogres in Bal Ratha region can now be tamed by any player. Damaged Ogres have a chance of joining players army
- Region changes: doubled the number of enemies in Dwarven Caves, Bal Ratha and Desolate Hills regions

:::::Balance Adjustments:::::
- Infantry units can now attack gates. However they are only mildly effective against Palisade Gates
- Greatly lowered Elven Residence trickle income to avoid super fast resources exploit
- Added recharge period for all Mass Healing spells
- Increased arrow regeneration rates for ranged units
- Players can now bring up to 30 units on quests versus AI Homelands or armies
- Marauder and Labourere spawn time is now the same, and is not effected by players population
- Only units with 30% damage or more will display a bloody texture overlay
- Orc players will now have to complete small palisade wall before constructing large wooden wall
- Greatly increased amount of resources in gold and stone mines
- Increased difficulty for Vs Town Quests - added various siege equipment for defenders
- Defenders reinforcement for AI NPC towns is now level 10 instead of 20

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