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Old 03-01-2013, 09:39 AM
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No i didnt, Far as im concerned its false advertising it said quote unquote Free Ice Dragon no fine print, for those logging on over holidays nothing about Advisor, so I logged out thinking youd e-mail me the code later, I want my code for an ice dragon, you promised me one I expect one, that you failed to say you needed to go to the advisor to claim is none of my concern, thats your lack of foresight, I was promised one, I did what I was asked to do and I want one, and if I dont get one well see what Trading Standards has to say about promising something and not providing it, hint they take a very dim view of such behaviour, it was your responsibility to in form me of the actions needed when you sent me the message saying free ice dragon if its not in there,(which you as you provided no info it wasnt) then the onus is on you to provide the item come what may.

And its not, so I expect it, I logged in I waited none showed up you failed to email me it and still haven't, far as im concerned there are no excuses possible, if it said free ice dragon speak to your advisor Id have got it, so I did my side you didnt do yours, so dont mess me about now, one mistake is not improved by another.

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