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Old 02-25-2013, 07:11 AM
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Default Tactical Formations for Army

Whenever entering a battle, no matter pve or pvp, the army starts on the map in a crowded mess. When I try to sort the army and put them into a tactical formation the units walk around like crazy chicken, bump each other, hamper the process of putting the army in a formation for attack or defense. It takes that long that the battle is over before it begun. result is that I do not apply any sofisticated tactics anymore and try to rush as much as lagging allows.
Is it possible that a fuction like presetting of tactical formations for armies will be implemented to the game? Defining where the units shall stand before Battle starts and even when the army is created or mew troops are added or removed would be a nice feature enhancing the tactical depth of the game.

Please provide your opinion about a feature like tactical formations for your armies.

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