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Old 02-21-2013, 10:09 PM
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Default Lost units on season change crash.

I've just lost 7 Rank 11 Grandmasters after moving them into my main city to heal; I immediately went into my city as soon as I transferred the units and the game crashed (it was Winter) and now I've logged back in again and it's Summer and every single Grandmaster I placed in my City for healing has just vanished. I had 10 Grandmasters in Army 1 (and now have 3) and exactly 10 Rank 10 Grandmasters in Army 2 (which was untouched, but I placed 10 Grandmasters in each of my armies so I know for sure what is missing) and no Grandmasters in my City. I also placed 4 Blademasters in my city at the exact same time I placed 7 Grandmasters, but I still have the 4 Blademasters, they didn't vanish. I also re-logged again just to be sure they wouldn't re-appear, and they still haven't. I'm guessing because I went into my City instantly, the 4 Blademasters managed to spawn in time, but the Grandmasters didn't before the Crash?