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Old 02-20-2013, 02:57 PM
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When i started my new orc city in the forest. The 2nd quest to kill an ogre the ogre was just invisible. All the ogres i was seeing throughout the game last night were invisible. I have just logged in thismorning and now all ogres are now visible. I just needed to take a break and have servers reset or something. good news now i can continue playing my orcs without cloaked ogres

About the laborers not building. It didnt matter what the population in my city was. It was acting as if i had 12/12 population and the progress bar on the laborer and marauder wouldnt move. I had just made the city 0/12 to see if it would fix. I attempted several populations under half of pop cap and conceling marauder productions and swapping back and forth from maruader to laborer. Logging in and out also didnt help. Nothing would work so I ended up deleting that city because of the bug.

But as of now with ogres showing up and not experiencing the grand hut bug on this new city everything is running smooth for me with no problems.