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Old 02-20-2013, 10:30 AM
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I believe there useless. I mean who rushes a wall without thinning those archers out. you get 60 units to siege a castle you would have to take alot of siege eq to breach those walls. i can hold anyone off before now i doubt anyone can get in. Archers on a wall already had an advantage with hording and towers. That gave them range and protection. Maybe up their protection on a wall but to make it where you cant kill them is not good. If you are shooting for realistic then unkillable archers is far from it. For example on sieges since the change i send my archers in but it only kills 1 out of 4-5 you dont know which one it kills and i guess it dont matter but to set for 20 min and not kill anything cause its on a wall is nuts.