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Old 02-19-2013, 10:22 PM
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Default experiencing bugs as orc

The first bug is every time i log out and back in or going in and out of a battle when i come back to my hometown I'm missing random huts. I did about 5 battles and a few logs it made 3 huts disappear each time. The strangest part is its not just a rollback. but it selects huts at random. It wont even be the most recent of huts created. Sometimes the most recent huts stay and ones i built before them disappear.

The second bug I've experienced since creating this orc city today. Is all of the ogres for the quests were invisible, and when the ogres joined me they stayed invisible. My marauders were able to shoot arrows at them thankfully. I had created orc cities before and never had invisible ogres. not sure why it happened this time.

The third bug I've experienced and think i may have seen in chat this happening to other players. Is when i have 0 population in my city my grand hut still registers me as over half pop cap or max cap, and will not build more marauders or laborers. I deleted my first orc city because of this and am keeping my army below half pop so that i wont experience this again.