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Exclamation Patch # 1.4.1 - One Patch til Steam!

Another great patch today - adding awesome new features across the board. And we are happy to say our server upgrade is complete and we are ready for Steam with just one major patch left to finish. Our 1.4.1 patch continue to add great social features - like sending resources to players, or viewing other player profiles. In addition we went ahead with boosting the gore levels and added long requested ability to mark homeland units as garrison - although it won`t properly save until the next patch. Once again we would like to thank you for all your support and we look forward to releasing Dawn of Fantasy on Steam together with you in just over a week.
Patch # 1.4.1

:::::Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-Server Upgrade that resolves server crash issues we had from day one
-Ability to view other player profiles - available from the Social Window
-Ability to send resources to other players - available from the Social Window - Friends tab
-Players can now designate units as the homeland garrison, however it`s not saved yet
-Gore updates - blood on impact, blood mist from corpses, large blood spill from corpses
-Gore updates - damaged units show bloody texture
-Fixed major issue with Water on high visual settings - fixed odd lights at night, and performance boost
-Fixed a crash issues related to PvP and using chat for a long time
-Fixed issues with missing influence or units caused by server upgrades

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-Left click and double left click select a unit, right click reorganizes.
-Added warning for new players not to play Kingdom Wars before Online Kingdom
-Added two new advises for new players on using and gaining Influence resource
-Updated human buildings winter set art
-New art for some interface windows - Buy Crowns, Send Resources, Social Add Player
-Friend notifications now involves successfully laying siege to NPC towns
-NPC town siege screen shows real value of NPC town garrison strength
-World map PvP pay out window changed to show resources icons
-New art for Oil Pitch ground texture
-Invisible elven units can no longer be attacked by other players until they de-cloak
-Capital towns of the realm start with Trade diplomacy status - to aid in Market Trading quest
-Online and Friend lists are now sorted alphabetically
-Added F8 key hiding and showing game GUI - for screenshots and videos
-Disabled Army camp ability in Sssilistra region
-Fixed issue with World chat not working while in a PvP game
-Fixed last issue with units going missing if player would crash during a quest
-Fixed issue with profile window not working or showing empty profile window
-Fixed issue with Quest Window overlapping Social Window
-Fixed issue with Great Hut spawning Laborers on reload, instead of Marauders
-Fixed Crossbowman attack on large range hitting the ground
-Fixed an error in Elven quest - The Trail Continues
-Fixed Orc Grand Hut spawning laborers
-Fixed NPC town sieges removing player camp gates, and stronghold palisade gates
-Fixed quest VS AI homeland - with player unable to attack AI gates
-Fixed winter texture on building in Singleplayer skirmish mode.
-Fixed building hit points going over the limit
-Fixed exploit with selling Oil Cart at NPC markets
-Fixed visual bugs with NPC town siege screen

:::::Balance Adjustments:::::
-Changed Self-Healing - increased speed 4X, but only Idle units will heal
-Increased palisade hitpoints and gates hitpoints. Orc palisade is now taller
-Decreased battering Rams hit points, but increased attack. Greatly improved Dwarven Ram
-Reduced the price of buying army slots to 60 crowns
-Palisade walls are more resistant to fire, but can still be burned down

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