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Old 06-29-2008, 01:12 PM
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Default Total War killer?

Congrats to the devs to pursuing this more epic scale/strategic side of RTS gaming, I'm so sick of endless warcraft/command & conquer tactical RTS clones.

Screenshots and concept look great and if you guys can pull off the technical side it should be a killer game that will hopefully kick the ass of the current franchise that dominates the genre: Total War.

Ive been playing that series since Shogun but I'm so sick of Creative Assembly putting out buggy, halfass games, you'd think after 5 years they'd be able to fix bugs like melee/archer hybrid units not working properly, or how about general's bodyguards suicide charging enemy lines as shock troops?? These guys are so bad and they know their fans will keep buying their games cuz there's no real competition.

Way to go Reverie, I'll definitely be buying this.