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Old 06-29-2008, 02:14 AM
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Originally Posted by ash12181987 View Post
Will there be Any steampunk human 'technology'?

I know it's not a focus, like say for example, Rise of Legends; but, with talk of hero units, I just wonder if there is any kind of tech based character with davinci-esque look and a "Rocket attack" button.
Steampunk like technology, rocket technology, if implemented correct could be nice. However a Hero with a Rocket attack button screams to me as needing some sort of artillery unit on the board and the hero just marks the target.

A Steam Powered Tank would be a very interesting unit impenatrable front armor(only seige and powerful magic can penitrate) moderate side armor and tinfoil rear armor. A steam powered cannon maybe a steam sprayer. A powerful weapon but i do see steam power and gun powder more the dwarf or Gnome territory.

As for numerous Human heros I am hopeing for the ability to Specialize them lets say make a Dragon slayer that can lock down a dragon for a time and do serious amount of damage against it. Or an Orc slayer Big strong sweaping attack mode for the swarms and a power attack for the Orc heros. Finaly a fast hero one able to kep up with those darn elves maybe gives allies a dodge bonus vs arrows and a quicker march speed.