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Hmm I didnt know there were a limit supposed to be here.
my Highest gain for a Camp was about 70 Gold
my Highest gain in Homeland exceeded the 200 Gold marker
But I never used Bugs for this or whatever.

1. Massive Sheep overflow ^^
If you put your Homeland full of Sheep under full Tech they will produce absurd amounts of Gold.
I currently keep Building and massselling Sheeps
So I usually have 10 Chicken 10 Cow and 60 Sheep in my Homecity (10 Units for Safekeeping from Wolves)
When I have over 50 Sheep I walk em to Dagbor and sell them.
Best income I had with this method so far was 220 Gold in the Incomelist
(also the Barn at 5 a Sheep costs me 150 food and 150 gold and I can sell em for 450 to Dagbor :P )

2. Currently Camps can have much more Ressource Income than you usually allow.
If you build a Camp then go to Worldmap and manually task Workers to work.
They will not only gain the standart 0.2 and 0.3 value but instead keep the Gain the archieved during your zoomed in time.
So having 50 Workers and some Carts your Camps can very well archieve more then 4 times of what they would get if you simply used the Manage Camp Button
(By the way I would like to keep this. while I dont know if it is a Bug or Intendet to work this way it IS indeed a nice feature and allows you to for example conquer Gold Mines in the Dwarfen Marches and then have Camps which gain you alot of Gold)

My highest Gold tough was a mix of different Worker Types
10 Whisps
20 Sheep
20 Unicorns
10 Chicken
10 Cow
7 Dwarfen Miners (3 on Gold and 4 on Stone)
3 Carts
5 Archers on lvl 9 (for some reason they Dissappeared after the Patch but well for all I care lol)
1 Peasant and 4 Pigs which he keeps slaughtering.

(by the way I currently have an Pig in my Homeland it is an Single Pig no Group and Full Health it doesnt seem to count into the Unit Limit and for some reason is not shown on the Worldmap but its still there and I can Command it. I dont know what Bug caused it to be like this but its become some sort of Lucky Charm for my Town *gg* so dont delete it when you look into my Account Kon ^^)

by the way this is just a Hunch but I think the Massive Sheep Income is due to the steady exchange.
The Game seems to need some time to recalculate that there are now a Ton of Sheeps and that the Income needs to be decreased per Sheep
usually if I keep the Sheeps around for long the Income goes down and per Sheep I get less
but as I always sell em to Dagbor I always keep a very high income per Sheep and thus usually can archieve insanely high income rates

The most absurd rates are usually when I have 70 sheeps in queue and go to world map to lvl Units
because when I return the Barn suddenly Spawns 20 ir 30 sheeps in a few seconds intervals (they got finished while I was in a different map)
and he then calculates them at max income for a short time before he relegates em downwards.
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