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Originally Posted by Novakiller View Post
February has a couple as well though, like Aliens : colonial marines and skyrim dragonborn... I liek to thank you guys for the detailed reply and as I suspected really, had completely no idea how much is involved in getting a game greenlit to steam... I was just really curious as to what was going on... thanks again guys
DoF is Fantasy/Strategy Genre
So those Games are not an direct competitor to them.

Starcraft however is an different matter as it falls partly into the same category.

Still the main point still is the State of the Game
DoF has an high latent potential on many aspects especially in the Online Kingdom Mode
but while the Game itself offers alot of possibilitys and options an an player the Interaction and Individualization is currently very limited which is greatly dampening the effect for the Online Community.
This ranges from the low priority issues like your lvl 60 Hero still looking the same as any other lvl 1 Hero on the Field and your Keep even after being surrounded by layers Stonewalls still being a small run down millhouse.
over some mediocre issues like Alliance System and the Ability to choose an certain Race you want to Attack.
Towards the really high priority issues like the inability to fight more than 1vs1 or fighting over an actual Ingame Location instead of just Randomly attacking each other.
Another high priority issue is the Trading of Units and Ressources between Players.

Honestly said I for my part currently think that DoF also needs to increase its moneymaking
I can only recommend to fastly adapt to Steam and offer some DLCs soon.

While this is of course Wishful Thinking I hope to see either Dwarfs as Playable Race
or at least the Introduction of Naval Units together with an new World Map Area covered in Snow in the Northwest inhabitatet by some Nordics with Battle Axes and Two Handed Swords ^^ by the end of the Year.
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